Saturday, 24 June 2017

How to do Your Own Makeup for Eid This Summer

How to do Your Own Makeup for Eid This Summer I am terrible at doing my own makeup butt Like many women. I never get it right. I have been wanting a step by step lesson for ages so I asked my London makeup artist, Emma Lovell, to show me how. When it comes to make up, melting makeup, smeared mascara, and super-sticky lipstick are the most common problem faces by every woman. Let’s start planning your summer make up to brighten up your Eid. For More....

Take a special care of the makeup tip in the summer and clean the face from the inside. Once a week clean your face, your face will shine.

lipstick color is very important in gives good impression to your makeup. It fills color in your face. Use such lipstick that suits you. Some of you like to use gloss. It is sticky and helps color stay on it for longer time. So make sure that you apply lipstick properly.

Women who like to make makeup Online, they should try the tips below. After trying these remedies, you will not be worried that your foundation is blowing from the face or on the face Mascara has come to the place of liner.


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